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5 Tips to Help Your Employees Survive the Holidays

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Your employees will juggle many more tasks during this time of year as they prepare for winter vacation, parties with their family and friends, charity events, children’s performances and whatever else they can fit on their packed schedule.

The holiday season adds plenty of joy to life, but it can also add stress. Recognize that your employees might be focused on something other than their work this season. To help them continue to perform well while they balance it all, use some of the suggestions below at your organization:

Rethink Break Room Goodies

The holiday season is full of delicious food. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, there are an assortment of treats and dishes for feasting. Many staff members bring their leftovers from the home to their workplace to share with coworkers. Encourage your team to bring in treats with fewer calories and less sugar to help employees have a healthier holiday.

Give Many Small Donations

Spreading cheer during the holiday season is important. Even more important is showing your employees that what matters to them, matters to their employer. In addition to holiday perks you’re already giving your staff, offer to make a small (or large) donation to the charity of their choice.

Understand the Priorities of the Season

Your employees will appreciate some flexibility around the holidays. Maintaining rigid deadlines will likely add more stress to the lives of employees who are planning parties, searching for presents and attending school performances. Family is the reason for the season for many of your employees. Acknowledge this by granting time off, okaying short days and allowing telecommuting.

Be Generous to Your Workforce

Don’t let your employees remember you as a Scrooge. Show your staff members your generosity during the holidays. What you give to your employees can range depending on office tradition or company budget. Some companies can afford to give each employee a bonus. Other employers might distribute gift cards to grocery stores or gas stations. Holiday hams or turkeys also make great gifts. Whatever you give, make sure it shows how much you appreciate your employees.

Remember to Plan for the Future

It is important to reflect on the accomplishments your company and staff achieved in the current year. Reviewing what didn’t go according to plan is also important.  Try to schedule employee performance reviews at the beginning of the New Year. Help your employees learn from their successes and mistakes from the previous year, and assist them in goal planning for the upcoming year.

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