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I Didn’t Come to Work Because I Dreamed I Got Fired

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

work and tardinessNo, this isn’t an April Fools’ joke. An employee actually told his employer that he missed a day of work because he dreamed he got fired. Getting to work can be a challenge, but with added obstacles like life-changing dreams, shower accidents and drunken forgetfulness, the commute can become harder.

A recent survey from CareerBuilder with help from Harris Poll found that participants gave reasons like the ones from above as to why they arrived to work late. More the 2,100 HR managers and more than 3,000 employees in several industries participated in the nationwide survey from November 4 to December 2, 2014.

The survey found that more than one in five employees admitted to being late to work at least once a month and 15 percent of participants said that arriving late to work is a weekly occurrence. Of the employees who admitted to arriving late, 30 percent also admitted to lying about the reason for their tardiness.

Responses from the survey revealed that traffic is the most common factor for tardiness, followed by lack of sleep and bad weather. Not as common, but still culprits of causing tardiness include getting kids ready for school or daycare, public transportation issues and wardrobe malfunctions.

CareerBuilder’s survey also asked employees what was the most outrageous excuse they’d ever given and they shared the following:

  • I knocked myself out in the shower.
  • I was drunk and forgot which Waffle House I parked my car next to.
  • I discovered my spouse was having an affair, so I followed him this morning to find out who he was having an affair with.
  • Someone robbed the gas station I was at, and I didn’t have enough gas to get to another station.
  • I had to wait for the judge to set my bail.
  • There was a stranger sleeping in my car.
  • A deer herd that was moving through town made me late.
  • I’m not late. I was thinking about work on the way in.
  • I dreamed that I got fired.
  • I went out to my car to drive to work, and the trunk had been stolen out of it.

If you receive an excuse similar to the ones above from an employee tomorrow, you may want to wait for them to say “April Fools!” before you start to doubt. You can read more about the survey here.

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Reasons to Say Goodbye to an Employee

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


CAI’s President and CEO, Bruce Clarke, recently shared a few surefire reasons to terminate an employee to Fox Business News. As the economy slowly recovers, it is important to maintain a great employee culture through increased morale and engagement. Ensuring your company has team players dedicated to their work is also important when trying to maintain success in tough economic times. If any of your employees do the following, it might be wise to consider letting them go:

  1. Excessive Tardiness: There are times when tardiness is unavoidable, but if an employee constantly arrives to work more than a few minutes late or takes a longer than average lunch break, he is doing a disservice to your organization. Issuing a warning to employees who have an unreasonable amount of tardies may work to alleviate the problem. However, if warnings do not work, firing is an option.
  2. Being a Debbie Downer: Employers and employees are already trying to survive the recession, so a staff member with a bad attitude can create chaos for everyone. Leaner staff and fewer resources mean that people have more to do, and an employee who is a not a team player will not last long. Gossip, inappropriate comments and vulgar language are among several items that senior management should not tolerate.
  3. A Social Media Dependency: The internet has made connecting with people a simple process. Socializing through any of the network-based websites, such as Facebook and Twitter maybe fine in moderation. However, if you have employees that do more tweeting and connecting than completing their actual assignments, it is time to bolster your company’s social media policy. Watch out for employees who post unfavorable information about their colleagues or place of work. This type of communication is grounds for firing.

For more information and tips related to employee termination, please contact a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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