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Five Tips for Employee Motivation

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

One of the many discussion points brought up by the recent actions of JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater was this: when treated poorly, employees will not be motivated to do their best at work. They will have no connection to the organization, and will feel that their employer takes them for granted. That results in an unhappy workplace that can lead to poor performance by a company.

If you really want to make sure your employees have reasons to be committed to your organization, here are five tips we recommend:

  1. Make clear to employees that they play a key role in fulfilling your company’s mission and goals. Workers must make a connection as to how what they are doing every day will pave the way to what will be better for them, as well as the company in the future. Otherwise, they have no incentive to stay with you, they seek and find other jobs, and you have a turnover problem.
  2. Understand what motivates your employees to perform better. The answer is not always just a wage hike – many top workers have left companies for other lower-paying positions for a variety of reasons, such as a better work environment or to have more time to spend with their families. Knowing what each of your employees want and then trying to accommodate those desires individually takes time in the short term but should pay off in the long run.
  3. Find ways to promote ideas from your employees and encourage collaboration among them. When people feel that their opinions about what should be done to improve the business are being heard, they will be much more loyal to the organization and its leaders.
  4. Discuss with each of your employees individually how he or she feels about his or her current position and see if job duties need to be adjusted. The worker may well be “burned out” over performing certain tasks repeatedly and no longer feel challenged to work up to his or her potential as a result.
  5. Recognize your employees publicly for good work. This does not have to be anything elaborate. For some basic ideas, read our previous blog on “Five Free Ways to Show Appreciation in the Workplace.”

For more details on how you can assess and improve employee engagement, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel team at (919) 878-9222 or (336) 668-7746.

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