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Employing Career Changers

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Lifestyle adjustments have become the new norm for most Americans. Many of those modifications have been small and easy to make, such as cutting back on splurges, carpooling or dining at home, but for those whose career has been impacted, the changes can be significant. Unemployed workers have altered both their lifestyle and career expectations of growth and stability. When seeking new employment, many professionals have turned to positions of lower income, employment outside a previous career or an additional part-time job to make ends meet.

Rutgers University researchers revealed that 26 percent of the unemployed workforce in 2009 was successfully employed by 2010. Within this group of newly employed professionals, nearly 50 percent found employment in a different career or new position. Though the career transition may have been paired with a salary decrease, the majority felt satisfied and content in their new line of work.

The Assumption and Benefit

Many organizations may be hesitant to employ staff outside their industry because seasoned professionals often eliminate the necessity for a majority of the training process, making for an overall smoother transition. It is obvious why companies pursue top talent, but that mindset can be expanded to a variety of potential job candidates, not just industry experts.

Though career changers will need additional time invested up front with training and support, they come with long-term benefits for the organization as a whole. Consider these career changers as new sets of eyes for the company. Your staff and those who have previously worked in similar environments function under related concepts concerning operations and processes. Bringing in new talent allows for an innovative and fresh perspective that may not have been previously available to employers under different economic conditions. The economy has forced everyone to think and maneuver in new ways, so consider seizing the current job market and taking the opportunity to bring in a different kind of talent.

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