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Tuesday Morning Humor for the HR Pro

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

As HR professionals, we often are asked to present information in a concise and compelling manner. Charts are an effective way to get your point across. All charts tell a story.  For example, the line chart below illustrates how to address the gap between your intended career path and your actual career path:

This pie chart helps to explain the true value of your Facebook ‘friends’:

This bar chart explains how time is ‘warped’ while waiting for your computer to start-up at work in the morning:

Meanwhile, this graph illustrates the value of patience when on hold with the cable company:

Finally, when dealing with computer issues, this chart demonstrates the effectiveness of various problem-solving techniques.

Now, don’t you feel better on this Tuesday morning?  On a more serious note, if the charts and graphs you’re using to track your HR progress need updating, or perhaps the results they show aren’t what you would like, we’re here to help.  CAI delivers HR, compliance, and people development solutions to 1,100+ NC companies to help them build engaged, well-managed and low-risk workplaces. Contact us to find out how we can help your company

Tom Sheehan brings 20+ years of extensive, broad-based strategic, tactical and practical HR experience to CAI’s Advice & Resolution team.  He advises HR and other business leaders on talent management, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, M&A’s, and employee relations.


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