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3 Tips to Transform a Bad Start into a Positive and Productive Work Day

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Or maybe your alarm didn’t go off and you overslept. Maybe traffic is unimaginably heavy because of an accident, making you late for your morning meeting. And you didn’t have time for breakfast so you’ve assumed your energy level for the day will be low. You’ve already predicted that this is going to be a bad day even before you make it to your office

Instead of fulfilling your prediction, try to prevent a bad start from controlling the rest of your workday. You can still achieve a productive day even if the beginning was rocky. The tips below will help you stay positive while also maintaining your productivity:

Eliminate Negative Talk

Nothing can make your day worse than your own negative talk about how you think the day will fare. If you do find yourself cursing the day or lamenting over a missed opportunity, change your mood by switching to a topic that’s more positive.  Negative words from your coworkers can also steer you off the track to a positive day. Tune out their gossip and treat them with kindness so they know you’re not interested in participating in deprecating conversations.

Focus on Being Positive

So we’ve established that the start of your day wasn’t very good, but that doesn’t mean the rest of your day will hold a similar fate. Instead of focusing on what went wrong during your day, shift your focus on all the things that went well or right. You are in charge of your attitude, thoughts and actions. Choose to react to your bad day with positivity and determination that you’ll make it better. Having this attitude will help you end your day well.

Treat Your Body Well

Being negative or frequently complaining is not good for your overall health. Not getting out of a bad mood can increase your stress levels, making you more irritable and fatigued.  Treat your body well to boost your mood and give you more energy. Get a solid amount of sleep each night, eat healthy and exercise regularly to squash a bad mood.

Training yourself to be more optimistic takes time and a conscious effort, however, attaining this goal will significantly reduce the number of bad days you have.

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6 Steps to Boost Employee Happiness and Productivity

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Just as April’s showers bring May’s flowers, the time you spend on cultivating your employees directly affects how successful they are in reaching their goals.  Proper time spent on setting your employees up for success not only benefits their workflows, but it also helps your overall organization maintain positive business results.

The six strategies below will help your staff members bloom to their full potential. So, implement these tips, and watch them flourish:

Make Expectations Clear

Give your employees clear instructions and desired results before they start an assignment. Doing this will better ensure that you both will be satisfied with the outcome. By being specific with your expectations, you will save your employees from the confusion and frustration that typically comes with vague directions.

Train Them Well

Offering your employees the opportunity to strengthen their skills or improve their industry knowledge benefits you as much as it benefits them. They will use the information they learn from training classes or webinars to elevate the quality of work they complete for your organization. Help them find appropriate training opportunities for their positions.

Offer Them Adequate Resources

Making sure your employees have the necessary resources to perform their job well is critical. If an employee doesn’t have the tools he needs to complete his projects, his motivation to improve his productivity will decrease. Ask your employees what they need to get their jobs done. If their answers are reasonable, you should do your best to accommodate them.

Practice Effective Communications

You can likely blame miscommunication for several mishaps that have occurred in your workplace. Knowing how to effectively communicate to your employees will help you achieve greater productivity, increased employee morale, and, of course, fewer mishaps. Learn how each of your employees likes to communicate, and use those methods when interacting with them.

Keep Them Empowered

Research indicates that empowered employees are more likely to be satisfied in their jobs and stay loyal to their employers. Help your employees feel empowered by delegating important tasks to them. Let them know that you trust them with more responsibility, and they will appreciate your trust and try hard to not disappoint you.

Let Them Achieve Work/Life Balance

In addition to projects and deadlines they have to keep up with at work, employees have responsibilities outside of the office that may include their family, place of worship or charitable organization. Check in with your employees to make sure their workloads allow them time to enjoy activities that are not work related. Granting them time to breathe will keep them positive and productive at the office.

For additional tips to help your employees grow and succeed in their careers, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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Happiness: The Productivity Booster

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Unhappy WorkerRecent surveys from reputable sources, including The Conference Board, Mercer and CNNMoney, reveal that American workers are the unhappiest they have been in more than two decades. Statistics that highlight workforce unhappiness include:  84 percent of employed Americans are unhappy at their current jobs (CNNMoney), only  45 percent of workers are satisfied with their current jobs (the Conference Board) and one in three American workers is serious about leaving their current job (Mercer).

These gloomy statistics leave company leaders searching for strategies to keep their employees content and productive. It is a fact that retention rates increase when employees are satisfied with their jobs, and their job satisfaction is influenced by many factors, such as the work they do, the support they receive and the people they work with. Another key indicator for job satisfaction is the level of happiness employees have when they are working.  Research shows that creating a positive work environment increases productivity and overall health in employees.

There are multiple reasons why happiness is an instant productivity booster for workers. Here are a few:

  1. Employees who are happy relate better with others, including their coworkers and clients. This helps improve teamwork and customer service.
  2. People who are happy tend to be more creative and are open to different ideas. Increased creativity also helps employees problem solve more effectively.
  3. People who are happy at their jobs enjoy what they do, so they have more motivation to perform well.
  4. Those who are happy tend to get sick less frequently. Being sick instantly decreases productivity, and employees who dislike their jobs are prone to stress, making them more susceptible to catching a cold or getting ulcers.
  5. People who are happy are also more likely to be optimistic. Optimists are more successful and productive and complain far less than those who are unhappy.

Happy Face

Although not every employee will become happy, companies can encourage employees to participate in activities and make choices that will promote happiness. Organizations have several options of exercises and tasks to give employees the opportunity to increase their happiness, and ultimately increase overall company productivity. Happiness coaching is spreading through business culture—large companies are hiring happiness coaches to train their staffs, and graduate schools are now offering classes that promote workplace happiness.

Try implementing some of the simple, yet highly effective strategies below to boost the happiness of your employees:

  1. Have staff members evaluate their strengths and utilize them to work more effectively. They will become more engaged and happier over time.
  2. Encourage employees to write positive emails to colleagues that praise them on work they have recently completed. This will help promote good employee relations.
  3. Allow workers to take multiple breaks during the workday. Studies prove that short time away from work reenergizes individuals and helps them increase their productivity.
  4. When appropriate, suggest that employees use their vacation and sick time. Ample vacation or recovery time will help them return revitalized and productive.
  5. Help staff members take advantage of training and educational opportunities when available. Learning new information or skills will help them achieve greater success and will increase their happiness.Meditate

There are also a number of steps employees can take on their own to help increase their individual happiness and health. Below are several tips to help your staff members improve their outlook on work:

  1. Exercise for at least 20 minutes three times per week .
  2. Take time to meditate for a few minutes each day.
  3. Make your self-talk positive to work through stressful situations or errors. For example, instead of saying to yourself, “You idiot.” Try, “How can I work to make this better?”
  4. Focus on issues or situations that you can control, instead of worrying about factors that you cannot.
  5. Plan a routine for your daily activities to establish a productive week. This can include choosing specific times to wake up or listing projects you want to start.

For more information on how to promote happiness in your workplace, please contact a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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