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The Role Social Media Plays in the Job Application Process

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

ICIMS, a software company specializing in applicant tracking systems, has released their “2015 Job Seekers Get Social” report, detailing how social networks are playing a role in the recruiting and hiring process.  Information contained in social networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook is being used to populate data within online job applications.

Job seekers use their social networks to find job opportunities, research companies, share job openings with friends and get feedback from current and former employees regarding the inside intel on organizations they are considering working for.

According to the survey, 3.3 million applications were submitted online in 2015.  Sixty-one percent (61%) of these applications came via LinkedIn, 22% came through Google+ and 17% were populated using Facebook. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of all job seekers surveyed indicated they rely on social media at least once a month to research possible employers.

Of the industry verticals included in the survey, job openings in Information Technology, Construction, and Leisure & Hospitality received the highest number of online applications via social networks.  Public Administration, Financial Services, and Education & Health Services received the smallest number of online job applications fed by social networks.

Employers who do not fully embrace the potential effect of social networks on the recruiting and hiring process in today’s job market run the risk of losing out to their competitors when it comes to attracting top talent.  By allowing job seekers to apply with their LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook accounts, companies can offer candidates a quick and easy way to express interest in open jobs, protecting recruiting investments, and boosting the candidate experience and talent pipeline.

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Top 5 Things An HR Manager Should Focus On To Ensure Company Success

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Since 2007 Fortune magazine has recognized Google, the world’s largest search engine, as one of the top companies for employment. Before taking over the Internet business, becoming a household name and employing more than 12,000, Google leaders developed its Internet operations humbly, from a basement. So how did the basement headquarters transition into today’s national brand? The on-site gym, Laundromat, car servicing and gourmet cafeterias put Google on the map for its outlandish employee perks, but the company remains best in breed by evenly focusing on the individual employee and overall organizational success.

Your company may not be the size of Google or have comparable national brand awareness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be equally successful in your own right. What is the long-term focus of your company, and how do you make your plan an achievable goal? The following are areas to consider while striving to ensure companywide success.

1.     Devote yourself to hiring and retention – Avoid employing seat fillers by making it an HR focus to hire right the first time. Investing in the hiring process produces lower turnover rates, and allows current staff to foster continuous close working relationships with coworkers, making for more effective and fluid results. Once the right team is in place and working cohesively, craft retention as a focal point. Organizations often find success in employee retention by encouraging open communication and acknowledging professional achievements.

2.     Cultivate a company centered on trust – Companies centered on trust, honesty and open communication provide employees an environment where thoughts and feelings can be disclosed without judgment. When employees feel comfortable being their authentic selves, the work produced is a reflection of their highest level of talent.

3.     Focus on ownership – When problems or challenges arise, do employees approach management with questions or proposed solutions? By employing a solutions-based mindset, staff transition into being their own boss – they face the challenge, contrive a solution and confer with management for implementation.

4.     Discover and integrate raw talent – Employee personality evaluations tap into the natural skills and passions of your staff. Once you have discovered an employee’s “sweet spot,” apply those abilities within the company. By uncovering specific talent and allowing staff to practice that talent, you can increase employee satisfaction and company growth.

5.     Embrace change – Take a step back and evaluate the overall picture of the company. Are you growing? How do you compare to the competition? When was the last time you made a major change? Successful companies don’t become comfortable or complacent. For success, keep your company ahead of the curve.

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Photo source: Richard Masoner