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The Power of Peer Learning: 5 Reasons to Join a Peer Group

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

CAI’s Peer Learning Recruiter, Jennifer Montalvo, shares the many benefits of peer learning in her post below:

peer learning groupPeer Learning groups create interactive, goal-driven, experienced-based learning environments where issues are brought up for advice and resolution.  Through candid and confidential meetings, group members accelerate their professional growth.  Here are five of the top reasons learning from a group of your peers is beneficial:

BENCHMARKING:  Knowing how you measure up in real time is important.  Every meeting should be confidential; so members can compare actual metrics for analysis within the group.  Members give each other advice on how to improve metrics and offer solutions based upon systems and processes that are imperative when seeking success within their company.

EDUCATION:  Members of peer learning groups comment on the ongoing development of their soft skills, which immediately complement their occupational skills.  This is an opportunity to experience time with local industry leaders and achievers who share insights, trends, challenges and solutions.  Some skills must be learned outside of a classroom.

PERFORMANCE:  Learning from actual experiences of peers instead of guesses and suggestions provides the confidence necessary in decision making and hence, the ability to contribute to an organization at a very high level.

CAMARADERIE:  It’s no longer lonely at the top.  Executives in these groups feel less isolated and create special bonds with their peers that are based on trust and empathy.

BEST PRACTICE SHARING:  There’s no need to keep reinventing the wheel.  There is always someone in the group who has perfected a process or is eager to share their lessons learned along the way.  Discussions are open and candid with the desire to inspire others to create better practices and improved ways of operating.

If you would like more information regarding Peer Learning Groups offered here at CAI, please contact Jennifer Montalvo at 919-431-6093 or

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Continuous Education Helps You, Your Employees and Your Business Thrive

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Today is National Teacher’s Day. After you take a moment to appreciate the great teachers who helped you achieve success by pushing you to offer them your best, reflect on the importance of your education. The projects you delivered, exams you lost sleep over and personal connections you made established the foundation for your next life chapter, whether that was higher education or the workforce.

Once you earn your degree, diploma or certification, educating yourself shouldn’t end. Learning new skills and knowledge while you’re in your career will enhance your job performance and professional growth. By seeking out additional industry information and cultivating your assets, you benefit yourself, your team and your organization. More employees with increased expertise and experience assist your company in remaining productive and competitive.

Picking up new information is now easier and more convenient than ever. Technological advances and the internet can help you learn at your workspace and stay within your budget. Share these eight ways to boost your business intel with your coworkers and direct reports:

  1. Read industry-related literature, such as magazines, journals, books and blogs.
  2. Sign up for educational webinars and watch them with multiple staff members to maximize their value.
  3. Attend trade shows and conferences related to your position. Then share the information you learned with your supervisor and direct reports.
  4. Join industry-related Linkedin groups, like CAI’s HR-focused group. These groups allow you to connect with experts and peers in your field, review group discussions and share relevant information.
  5. Join a professional association, club or group. These venues allow you to network, share knowledge and discuss workplace challenges with other members. These groups also look for volunteers to hold their leadership positions, which is another great way to grow your skills.
  6. Sign up for training classes in your career field or job level. Let experienced trainers teach you valuable information that you can take back to your company to apply.
  7. Ask to sit in on meetings with your senior management team. Although you might not be able to participate in the discussion, you will receive a better understanding of how your organization runs.
  8. Set up a mentor program at your organization. Pair greener staff members with employees who have been with the company for several years and encourage them to meet and learn from each other frequently.

For more tips on improving your work performance through ongoing education, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-66807746.

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