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3 Tips To Diversifying Your Recruiting Efforts

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

recruitingIn today’s post, CAI’s HR on Demand Consultant Cynthia Daniel shares 3 strategies to help your business freshen up its recruiting process and secure a wider range of talented candidates.

As a recruiter, my goal is to locate the best qualified candidate for each position. Failure to do so may result in our clients having employee nightmares for weeks, months or even years! While it would be very easy to rely on the same old methods of recruiting for each organization, using a variety of sources and tactics has proved invaluable to me as well as our clients!

3 ways to recruit the best candidates:

  • Pay attention to the role that you are recruiting for. When recruiting for a new position it always helps to assess the situation. We know that if we are looking for our next Vice President, we probably won’t be able to look in the same place as we would for our Forklift Driver. Knowing where to look is key to finding that right person quickly!
  • Don’t forget about your current employees. Your internal employees may be looking for developmental opportunities within your company, so don’t count them out just yet.  Know your workforce and who may be qualified for some of your open positions and get your managers involved if you need to as well.  Recruiting internally can cut costs, boost employee morale and productivity!
  • External recruiting, however, is still a great choice when you lack qualified internal employees.  There are many sources you can pull from including local universities, unemployment offices, veteran’s offices, professional membership organizations, LinkedIn, college alumni offices, search firms, internet job banks, outplacement agencies, and many more. Yes, some of these outlets can be pricey, so know your budget and what you can afford.  But in turn, some are free or have minimal costs associated with them.

If you’re using the same old tactic over and over again and it’s not producing the candidates you want… maybe it’s time to try something new. You must think differently and act differently to get different results. What are you doing to think differently and act differently about recruiting and hiring? If you aren’t thinking and acting differently, I can guarantee you that someone else is.

CAI’s recruiting team is dedicated to helping you with all of your recruiting needs. Whether it’s learning more about strategies for recruiting great talent, having us recruit for and fill your vacant positions, or simply answering a few questions, we’re here to help! Please feel free to contact our recruiting team directly at 996-899-1140 or




Get Quality Candidate Referrals from Your Employees

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Research indicates that a high percentage of candidates referred by employees become top-performing team members. Research also shows that only 30 percent of a company’s workforce offer quality referrals.

Do you know what would motivate your team members to supply you with more stellar candidates? Once you figure out what the drivers for your staff are, you can create an employee referral program that produces amazing results and secures industry-leading talent.

Review the methods below to identify and initiate incentives to encourage your employees to participate in your organization’s overall recruiting strategy:

What motivates your employees?

  • Survey those who currently refer
    • What incentives do they find most appealing?
  • Survey those who don’t typically refer
    • What incentives would they like to see?
  • Research other companies
    • What incentives or rewards do they offer their employees?
  • Test your options
    • Put incentives in place, monitor them and adjust as needed based on feedback.

Non-Cash Incentives

  • Public Recognition
    • Acknowledge the recruiting efforts and success your employees make in front of their peers.
  • Prizes/Drawings
    • Offer items, such as vacation time, a television or an iPad, for successful referrals. You can offer these prizes on an annual or quarterly basis depending on what works for your organization.
  • Direct Reward
    • You can directly reward employees with a gift, like a movie ticket, dinner or spa treatment, for each referral they make.

Cash Incentives

  • Start low and work your way up
    • On average, rewards top out at around $1,500 for a successful referral.
  • Determine criteria
    • Some organizations insist that referrals not only be hired, but also work at least 90 days before a cash incentive is awarded. Determine what works for your team.
  • Hard to find positions
    • For openings that are especially hard to fill, increase the incentive to as high as $5,000 to draw out great candidates.

Because employees are diverse and motivated by different incentives, offering several options is a good way to go when eliciting referrals from your staff. If you have questions regarding company referral programs or ways to recruit top talent, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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