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Keep Workforce Productivity High with 5 Simple Practices

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

People complain that there are not enough hours in their day to complete a laundry list of tasks. Instead of complaining, however, people can make small changes in their workday to have a more productive day, month, year, etc.  Try the five tips below to improve on the job performance:

Don’t Focus on Emails

Answering emails can be a big productivity drainer. Not all of your emails need to be answered immediately. Rather than replying to emails throughout the day, set a specific time during your work hours to answer your mail. Of course you can take time throughout the day to answer emails on time-sensitive matters or from important people, such as your CEO or best client.

The Most Important Is First

If you slept well and had something to eat for breakfast, your productivity level at the beginning of your day should be high. Take on your most time-consuming or labor-intensive project while your energy and concentration are through the roof. Save small tasks for the end of the day when your performance starts to wane.

Use Breaks Effectively

All employees should utilize breaks throughout the day to avoid burn out. Because peak work performance generally takes place at the start of the day, try to save chats with coworkers or updates on your social media sites for late afternoon. Go on a short walk or read a news article mid-morning for a less distracting break near the beginning of your day.

Prioritize the List

To-do lists are great tools to help keep your day organized. But piling too many tasks on your list can affect your productivity negatively. Prevent daunting to-do lists by only selecting items you plan to get done that day. Number each item on the list to prioritize items you’ll do first. Go a step further by allotting a specific amount of time for each task. Complete this process for each day of your week.

Make Good Health Choices

Your energy level each day contributes to how productive you are during your work week. Several factors affect your energy level and good health is the best way to positively shape it. Make sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night to restore your body for its next day of work. Avoid constantly eating fast food or drinking sugary drinks that deprive you of the energy you need. Exercise multiple times per week to help keep your physical and mental health strong.

For more helpful tips on improving the productivity and overall work performance of your staff, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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Help Your Workforce Escape the Dog Days of Summer with 9 Tips

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Early July brings blistering hot temperatures to areas all over the country. Often referred to as the Dog Days of Summer, this seasonal heat wave creates a less than ideal work environment for employees who work in the sun, buildings with no air conditioning or any other environment that can get very hot.  Finding relief from the extreme summer temperatures is necessary to maintain productivity and eliminate any chance of heat exhaustion for your employees.

When your workdays reach a high of 90 degrees or above, try the tips below to keep your workforce cool and productive:

  • Educate your staff on the importance of staying hydrated and taking breaks to refresh and cool off.
  • Make sure your staff is aware of the signs of heat-related illnesses, such as confusion, dizziness, muscle cramps and nausea.
  • If they primarily work outside, encourage your employees to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Implement flexible schedules or summertime hours, like starting the day earlier to avoid some of the hot weather.
  • Provide your staff members with a cold treat—freeze pops and ice cream are two options.
  • Keep the water cooler full or the workplace fridge stocked with bottled water, and recommend to your employees to drink at least eight cups of water per day.
  • Buy employees moisture-wicking shirts, cooling headbands and reusable insulated water bottles to stay cool.
  • Put multiple fans in areas that aren’t air conditioned to circulate cool air.
  • If within company safety policy and dress code, allow team members to wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing.

CAI members provided many of the tips above through CAI’s list serve, a member benefit that enables participants to ask peers at member companies for advice, recommendations and best practices for their organizations. Recent topics members have discussed on the list serve include employee service awards, I-9 auditing procedures, workplace fraternization and many more. For additional information about a CAI membership and signing up for the list serve, please contact an account manager at 919-878-9222 or 336-667-7746.

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