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The Labor Market Squeeze

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

The post below is a guest blog from Dax Hill who serves as Principal, Health & Welfare Consultant for CAI’s employee benefits partner Hill, Chesson & Woody.

Many employers are expressing concerns that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified applicants.  A couple of recent surveys outline the problem facing employers: labormarketsqueeze

  • Graham Personnel found that 59% of employers are having difficulty hiring qualified applicants.  They also report the top three employer concerns are:
    • Retention and employee relation issues (28%)
    • Recruiting (27%)
    • Other factors in their organization including sales and marketing (10%)
  • A 2016 SHRM survey found similar results. In their survey, SHRM reports that 68% of employers had difficulty filling full-time jobs in the past 12 months.  In 2013, only 50% of employers reported hiring difficulty.

These elevated numbers are concerning.  Employers understand the importance of recruiting the right talent, and the impact it has on their growth and productivity.  Recruiting and retaining talented individuals with the needed skill set has always been the lifeblood to organizations.

With the tightening labor market, employers are assessing what they need to do to either become, or remain, competitive.  Health benefits are an area of focus that employers are using to differentiate themselves.  In fact, 38% of SHRM respondents stated they leveraged their health and welfare benefits to gain a competitive advantage in recruiting.

What is your strategy towards offering health and welfare benefits to your employees?   How do you want your benefits to compare to the competition?  What benefits do you need to offer to recruit, retain and reward your employees?  What are other organizations doing to control cost and to also remain competitive?  These are all questions you should be asking yourselves.

If you are curious how your medical benefits “stack up,” we can assist you.  For the past 11 years, we have partnered with Capital Associated Industries (CAI) to produce a North Carolina state wide survey with nearly 650 respondents.  This survey allows you to compare your medical benefits and cost to other organizations of similar size, industry type and in your area. Having this type of information can be valuable, especially as you recruit in this tight labor market.  If you are interested in learning more about benchmarking your health plan, contact us!

10 Resources for Finding Top Talent for Your Company

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Multiple factors help a business reach success, but hiring high-performing individuals is a critical component. Knowing the best places to reach qualified candidates will help you secure top talent for your organization. Even when you aren’t hiring, building a pool of great applicants before your search is beneficial for your company’s time and resources. The economy is slowly changing and unemployed workers and disengaged employees with attractive soft skills and key industry knowledge will search for opportunities that fulfill their needs. Use the ten resources below to help job seekers find your organization:

Networking Events:

  • Talented job seekers use networking events to show off their best assets to potential employers. Inform attendees that you are hiring so they know to ask for more information if they are interested.

Company Events:

  • You can also invite job seekers to an open house at your office if you are hiring for more than one position. Use these events to pitch your company’s best selling points.

Your Network

  • Use the relationships that you have formed in your career to navigate you to top talent. Your friends and business colleagues can help guide you to the right candidate.

Create a Great Culture:

  • Foster a positive environment for your employees to keep them engaged and satisfied with their jobs. Happy employees will share their job experience with others, creating a buzz that your company is an employer of choice.

Social Networks:

  • Job seekers are using the internet to find positions. Make sure your company is using social media to highlight job openings and the workplace culture it provides.

Employee Referrals:

  • Inform your employees of your company’s openings, and ask them if they know of any qualified applicants. They are great sources for recommending people who share their same talents, such as their friends or college classmates.

Industry Referrals:

  • If your organization is a member of a specialty or industry group, seek help from the other company group members. Your peers could provide you with a candidate that matches your needs perfectly.


  • Students are great prospects for new hires because they are eager to work and learn once they graduate. Participate in career fairs and share your open positions with the university’s career service department to inform students of the opportunities you offer.

Government Programs:

  • The government offers various programs for employers that are interested in individuals from specific categories, like veterans. Completing paperwork correctly and staying compliant with state and federal regulations is mandatory when using government recruiting options.

Help Them Navigate:

  • Make it easy for job seekers to learn about your organization and its open positions. Allowing candidates to call your office to learn about an opportunity or submit a resume online are two ways to help them connect with your company.

Combined, these resources should help you find plenty of suitable applicants for your company. Remember that convincing job seekers to join your organization will take effort on your part. Make sure your employer brand conveys the right message you want job seekers to receive. Provide candidates with examples of the benefits that you provide to your employees. Reach out to your staff and ask them the reasons they enjoy working at your organization to ensure you’re highlighting your company’s strongest features.

For more information and strategies for locating top talent, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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