Start the Year Right with a Doable Plan: Try an Anti-Resolution

January 31st, 2013 by

Today’s post features a short video from CAI’s CEO and president, Bruce Clarke. In less than three minutes, Bruce explains why anti-resolutions are better commitments to make at the beginning of a new year:

Bruce gives reasons why resolutions, like eating fewer cookies, are sometimes unrealistic. He says if you’re trying to give up cookies, it typically means you enjoy them. When you eat one, you’re immediately satisfied. Not only are you satisfied, but the problem of what happens when you eat too many cookies is not on your mind and it usually isn’t. So you eventually forget about your resolution and never complete it.

Instead of forgetting the many resolutions you were determined to keep at the beginning of the year, Bruce suggests making an anti-resolution. The anti-resolution gets the pain and gain in the right order because this is something you want to do, it brings immediate satisfaction and the end result is an even bigger pay off.  

Bruce lists several examples of what your anti-resolutions can be in the video above. The key things to remember when making an anti-resolution are that it’s something that you want to do and something that has a clear pay off to you. In addition to creating an anti-resolution, Bruce suggests forming a plan that details necessary actions to achieve your anti-resolution. 

Make your 2013 great by developing an anti-resolution. Remember, it’s something that you want to do and not something that someone told you to do.

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