Keep Stress Under Control at Your Workplace

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Stress is a top factor that drives high-potential talent to competitors. Recent research indicates that many employers are unaware that their employees quit to find positions that are less stressful. The current state of the economy and holiday season can cause added stress to workers. Companies should check in with their staffs to gauge their stress level and take measures to try to lessen it.

Untreated stress can negatively impact an employee’s job and health. Stressed out workers experience low morale and are less productive. Those who are stressed can also feel frustrated, irritable and exhausted. They can have trouble focusing and may become ill or fatigued easily. To alleviate these symptoms, try using the methods below:

  • Respect employees’ work/life balance. Allow them to tend to and handle personal issues or problems by granting them time off or creating flexible work arrangements.
  • If possible, help them out on their weekly or monthly tasks. Some companies schedule for a dry cleaning service to pick up, clean and return clothes to each employee at the office. Other organizations, like Google, provide their workforce with an on-site laundry facility.
  • Tightened budgets add to the stresses of work. Help employees save a few dollars by ordering lunch occasionally or stocking the office refrigerator with sodas and snacks.
  • Employees without clear direction of their career path can become frustrated and stressed. Help them avoid these feelings by working together to set career goals and encouraging them to make progress on achieving them.
  • Ask for employee input on how to redesign work systems to make everyone’s job more productive, and cut out inefficient and repetitive work processes. Putting fewer items of greater importance on a worker’s plate will help increase his or her job satisfaction.

Engaging and retaining top talent is important for maintaining a successful business. By creating a company culture that recognizes the efforts of each individual worker, people feel appreciated and morale is raised, which helps drive productivity no matter the economic climate. Helping your workforce reduce its stress will help keep morale high. For more information and tips to help keep your employees’ stress under control, please contact a member of CAI’s Advice and Counsel Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

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