Five Free Ways to Show Appreciation in the Workplace

April 23rd, 2010 by

Nothing builds workplace morale like gratitude. Here are a few ways we like to show appreciation in the workplace:

  1. Offer a Helping Hand – This is especially a great way for a boss or supervisor to show appreciation for a hardworking employee. Offering to help, in any way, shows the employee that you sympathize with their workload and that you acknowledge their skill set.
  2. Send a Thank You Note – This can be a sticky note, e-mail or handwritten note (feel free to get creative) that just says “Thanks for your efforts, team!” Don’t wait until the end of the project to send this. A mid-project thanks can go a long way.
  3. Offer Training and Cross Training Opportunities – Many people are eager to learn new skills that could help them earn promotions and increase their value at the company.
  4. Event Tickets – Many companies purchase tables at philanthropic events, conferences and association meetings. Save a seat for an employee who would not traditionally attend to represent the company.
  5. Celebrate Employee Appreciation Days – Nominate one person in the office to be appreciated. Encourage the rest of the company to take a moment and reach out to this person to appreciate his or her contribution to the company’s success. This is extremely effective in creating cross-departmental conversation. We usually send out a companywide e-mail in the morning listing the nominee, his or her title, contact information and a quick summary on how they are of value to the company. Not only will your nominee, who could be an overlooked receptionist or underappreciated accountant, feel the love, but also other employees will enjoy this public display of thanks.

What are some ways you appreciate your employees?

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