Defining Your Workplace Culture

December 8th, 2011 by

Creating a positive workplace that values and motivates your workforce will help you weather any business obstacle. Employees who view their workplace positively are more likely to invest in the company, produce high-quality work and be brand ambassadors. Even in a tough economic climate, a positive culture will encourage employees to continue giving their best work because their leadership is committed to doing the same.

A positive company culture is key to business success and survival. CAI’s CEO and President, Bruce Clarke, explains that there is no silver bullet for establishing an engaging company culture in his latest News & Observer column, “The View from HR.”  He says that workplace culture decisions should be made with purpose and an end in mind. There are many options for creating a more positive workplace, but Bruce cautions employers from copying the culture of others and creating one based on cool behaviors or conservative options. Instead, employers should look to their employees, business vision, goals, and values to develop a lasting company culture.

“It is a powerful thing when whom you hire, how you work and what you are as an organization weave together in concert to meet your business objectives,” Bruce says.

Although there is no special recipe for creating a positive and productive company culture, there are several elements that should be included:

  • Cooperation—All employees, including management, should be involved in the culture-making process.
  • Communication—Use effective communication methods to inform staff about the culture initiative and frequently update them on its progress.
  • Creativity—Challenge employees to change the way they think. Encourage brainstorming and risk taking to guide the process.
  •  Accountability—Set goals and expectations for the project early. Make sure everyone knows their part and hold them accountable for following through.
  • Commitment—Holding regular meetings to discuss company culture is a good method to ensure continual support for the initiative.

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