10 Resolutions for Workplace Success

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The beginning of January prompts people to start setting resolutions they plan to keep for the rest of the year. Making commitments to improve your work performance is a good way to plan and prepare for achieving success at your workplace. Whether your goals include joining senior management in making leadership decisions or scheduling weekly progress meetings with your direct reports, having specific goals for the new year will improve your own productivity. Try setting these 10 workplace resolutions to deliver positive results for your company:

1. Be Specific

Make resolutions for the New Year that are specific and measurable. Goals that have these characteristics are easier to envision and plan for, which makes them more attainable.

2. Stay Organized

The best way to make sure you keep your resolutions is to stay organized. Being clutter free will help your productivity and keep your mind clear for maintaining your resolutions.

3. Be Positive

Research shows that optimists live longer than pessimists. They are also happier and more productive in the workplace. Instead of spending time worrying about items in the office that you cannot change, focus on the steps you can take to make your workplace experience more positive and enjoyable.

4. Maintain Work/Life Balance

Spend some time making your work schedule fit into your life schedule and vice versa. Do not chat excessively about personal matters during work hours. Use your lunch break to catch up on news from your colleagues. When you leave the office, make sure to enjoy your personal time and feel free to limit the amount of time you spend talking about work.

5. Keep an Eye on Progress

Track your progress on the measurable goals you made. Seeing your progress can help motivate you to succeed in achieving your goals. This process also can help you see if you need to rework a goal that you are having trouble completing.

6. Arrive on Time

Being on time to meetings or important conference calls shows that you respect your job and the others who are also particpating. Be on time so meetings can start when they were planned and everyone has ample time to return to their work.

7. Mind Your Manners

All employees want to be recognized for the contributions they make for the company. Start using “please” and “thank you” when requesting information or projects from your coworkers. These words will help increase office morale.

8. Be Accountable

If you offer to work on a project or your supervisor assigned you a new task, own the assignment and follow through on items you are expected to deliver.

9. Take Breaks

Work gets busy. Life gets busy. Limit workplace anxiety and stress by taking appropriate breaks from work. Leave your desk for 15 minutes for a walk or use your vacation to take a long weekend getaway with family or friends.

10. Be Healthy

Eating the right foods at the right portions and sleeping at least seven hours each night will help you maintain your energy for a full week of work.

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